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Fit Bounce group classes

Online Booking

Single Session need to be booked in advance. You can choose the day and time in the section "FitBounce" All classes are open up to 2 weeks time for booking.

Before your first FitBounce class an electronic Health Questionnaire needs to be filled out. 

Cancellation Policy

Single Session Cancellation Policy - No refunds will be given for cancellation of a single session. However, it is possible to reschedule a session, up to 12 hours before the session starts.

You can manage cancellations and rescheduling by logging to your member profile - page "my bookings" 

Cancellation Policy for Packages - No refunds will be given after purchasing any of my FitBounce package. Each  package is valid for up to 6 months from the purchase date.

Class Policy

Arrival Time - You should arrive at the venue at least 5 minutes before the class start time. You must let the instructor know about any health problems that you are having, including past injuries. 

Maximum weight for each trampoline is 90kg (14 stones) 


FitBounce classes are held at The Box, 235-237 Commercial Rd, Portsmouth PO1 4BJ . 

What to Bring

You should wear gym clothes and good trainers. Trainers must be wore during the whole class.

Please also bring a towel and a bottle of water, so you can keep hydrated during the session.

All equipment to perform the exercises, such as trampolines are provided. 

121 Fitness and online Coaching

Cancellation Policy

Coaching Cancellation Policy - No refunds will be given 24 hours after completing our first PT session.

If you are not satisfied with the services you got up to 24 hours after we finish our first session to request your refund.  Exception for serious injuries or illnesses only.

Clients must cancel out or reschedule a session with at least 12 hours notice

If you cancel withing the 12 hours time period of the start time of the session, you will be charged for that session

PT session cancellations need to be done by contacting me directly.

Once a payment is made for a personal training package there will be no refunds allowed.

Each coaching pack is valid for maximum of 6 months from the purchased date.

Who CAN NOT join my fitness or nutrition program?

Anyone who is suffering from any serious medical issues and injuries.

For more further info please contact me after discussing your conditions with your doctor.

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